Black Tea

Tea has been sipped upon by both royalty and common folk for thousands of years.It is an interesting fact that, in the recent period, Beauty experts have understood the importance of Tea in skin-clearing and waist-slimming powers and celebrity fans ranging from Miranda Kerr to the obsessively-followed Kylie Jenner—along with your grandma, who prefers tea before going to bed. It is not an exception, to state that, beauty tea is going to be the next juice What sets these trendy new beauty teas apart from their conventional counterparts? We caught up with Theresa Krier, founder of couture tea brand Big T NYCwhich happens to be a backstage staple at New York Fashion Week—and asked for her insight.

Tea is inherently beautifying because it is hydrating and rich in antioxidants, which are both important foundations for natural beauty,” Krier says. “Beauty teas are specifically designed to amplify these inherent benefits.” Many beauty teas will take a traditional formula—say, a white tea, which is already antioxidant-rich—and then add in even more beautifying ingredients. For example, Krier’s Tell-Tale Glow Tea features organic white tea and a special blend all of which are loaded with beta-carotene to help promote healthy skin.For Krier, creating a beauty tea brand arose out of a need—one she started noticing backstage at all the runway shows. “I was working backstage at New York Fashion Week and noticed that the models were thirsty, but wouldn’t touch the available sodas,” she says. “They, understandably, disliked the bloating and unnecessary chemicals.” Inspired by this dilemma, she decided to create an all-natural beverage that would help people stay hydrated and focused in any situation, without the bloating or caffeine crash.

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